Please make sure you have read the differences between enjoying our performances through the ZOOM EXPERIENCE or STELLAR.

The dazzling Lucy Darling (performed by Carisa Hendrix) is ever the travelling magical socialite, however with the changing global conditions comes her new interactive online show “A fun night in with Lucy Darling”. 

Delivering every bit of Lucy’s delicious wit, wonderful magic and sparkling humor directly into your very own home, this show is simply a treat and was the shining highlight of my week. 

This show contains Lucy’s trademark flair with magic (especially cocktail magic) plus some fun comedy segments that featured audience interaction / participation. I do not want to give too much away – you must simply watch this show for yourselves! 

“An extraordinary night in with Lucy Darling” also features Lucy’s household managers (butlers?) – Laurence and Marcy – who are amusing and entertaining themselves / as a duo without taking too much attention away from Lucy. I particularly enjoyed the dancing and their facial expressions. Laurence and Marcy are constantly helpful but also have some lashings of sass / personality themselves.

VERDICT: highly recommended for a very magical, entertaining and comical interlude to the current uncertain times. Be sure to (virtually) invite Lucy Darling into your home for refreshing hour of fun, magical entertainment.

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