The Forum - Virtual Theatre is a place where you can watch some of the best international performances from the comfort and safety of your home.

From Canada to the United Kingdom, from magic to intimate concerts, we look for the best in their craft, and bring them to you LIVE.

The shows we bring you are original, interactive and most of them are family friendly.

We offer entertainment for everyone, but not from anyone.

All of our performers are world-class performers.

In the past you would’ve seen some of them in a theatre, headlining in Las Vegas or Broadway, for example.


Others would have been on tour and selling out shows, performing for dignitaries, Disney Cruises and celebrity parties...when suddenly everything had to stop, everywhere in the world.

THE FORUM - Virtual Theatre is proud to be able to offer you a unique reimagined theatre experience with more connection, accessibility, and interaction than ever before.

In the past, you would’ve been one more person in a big audience, watching their shows, and it would have been hard for you to meet them afterwards, let alone have a conversation with them or be a part of the act.

Performances at THE FORUM - Virtual Theatre are specifically designed for zoom and other similar platforms, they are NOT stage shows adapted to fit the format.

Each of our performers designed their show from the ground up so that you as an audience can enjoy the experience to its fullest and enjoy new ways of interacting with them.

For business inquires or for more information, contact us at info@theforumtheatre.com

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